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SOL is a stool with a lot of character and a friendly presence.

from NOK 3.490,00

A seat for two

SOL is a light seat that easily can be a part of any room or space, stand freely and provide a seat for two, or decorate a wall or floor when not in use. SOL is just as classy and full of personality when it acts solo as when arranged in bigger groups.


A friendly presence

SOL is a versatile little stool. The stool is an old furniture category. SOL’s low height makes it subordinate larger furniture. The length of the seat provides room for two people – a practical addition for small environments. The canopy gives it direction visually – a front side and a rear side. It can also act as a light backrest and as a handle when moving it around.

Andreas Engesvik


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70 cm


42 cm


46 cm

Seat Height

33 cm

DesignerAndreas Engesvik

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Straw – Canvas 414


Ruby – Canvas 644


Rose – Canvas 614


Sea – Canvas 794


Sky – Canvas 734


Grass – Canvas 954


Nougat – Savoy


Walnut – Elegance


Pepper – Scott


Salt - Scott