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Siesta Ovis

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Siesta Ovis

SIESTA OVIS celebrates Siesta´s traditions and use of natural materials.

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Ovis = Sheep

To celebrate Siesta’s traditions and use of natural materials the chair got a new suit in 2021. Sheepskin is a traditional material used by mankind for centuries due to its properties such as warmth and durability. «Ovis» means sheep in Latin, hence the name: Siesta Ovis.  Its soft and cosy appearance invites you to sit for hours and makes for the perfect spot to relax!


A tribute

Ingmar Relling’s son, Knut Relling, is also a furniture designer and he worked closely with his father through all their career together. Today Knut is still highly dedicated in continuing the legacy of his father through the Siesta chair. When we developed the SIESTA OVIS chair, Knut Relling was involved in the process so that he could make sure that everything was done according to his father’s mind. SIESTA OVIS assures that the legacy goes on, with its perfect balance between trendy and classic.

Ingmar Relling

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Siesta Ovis

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Sheepskin - Moonlight

Sheepskin - Scandinavian Grey

Sheepskin - Maple


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Designer: Ingmar Relling

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