New Oslo showroom! - Hjelle

New Oslo showroom!

We are happy to announce that our new showroom in St. Olavs Gate 3 is now open! We would like to thank everyone who came to the opening party and for all the nice feedback we have received.

Hjelle Showroom
St. Olavs Gate 3, 0165 Oslo
Monday – Thursday 09:00 – 16:00, by appointment
Contact person: Mari Hovind,, 94240014

The new showroom is 300 m2, which means that we can display our entire collection at all times, centrally in Oslo. The showroom is there for our customers and partners, and will be a place for inspiration, information and happenings.

We are busy planning exciting activities and events for the future. The showroom is open for everyone. We look forward to your visit. Welcome!